Million Dead - Living The Dream chords

This isn't the whole thing, and it isn't perfect, buts a starting point. Feel free 
to send me corrections! -

Em* in the chorus is 022010 I believe. The C*'s that pop up are either 032033 or a 
variation I haven't quite figured.

Tabbed from a fairly bad quality youtube video. Corrections will be needed, it 
might not even be in album tuning.

Capo 2 for album version.

Em D C'You', another tired second-person address,
Am GWords written hastily and under duress
Am C Im cold and holed up in the back of the van,
Am Emdevoid of eloquence or elegant plan
D C Am GAnd Im paranoid, and I can't help but think,
Am C Am EmThat somewhere someone is listening in
D C But all the words that I kept in my pockets,
Am G Amjotted down on supermarket receipts,
C C* C C* EmAt base turned out to be solid masonry
D C Am GAnd Im scared of the kids who come to our shows,
Am C Am EmAnd scared of the words that they seem to know,
D C Because in truth all my high ideals are in ruins,
Am Gin truth I don't really know what Im doing
Am C*Growing out of these clothes turned out to mean losing certainty
So sing, 'your' voices level the land, My Jericho, My rock and sure foundation!
G C Em* C GEvery love that made me lose my reasoning,
C Em* C GEvery line that made my conscience ache,
C Em* G* G C Every day spent counting hours well, none of them come close
Am G CTo singing back a song inside my head
Am CI always had a song inside my head
And yes, there are times when I am tired and stressed, When I am hasty and Im under duress Im a narcissist and Im not at my best I have to say Im not impressed Of all the things that I believed in my teens, Im left with unread books and badly made zines Some might-have-beens that somehow even yet Bring a spring to my step I remember calloused hands and paint-stained jeans, And I remember safe-as-houses self-belief So sing 'your' voices are sure destruction, My rock and sure foundation And every line that made me lose my reasoning, Every chord that made my conscience ache, Every sound a memory that's all I ever need I always have a song inside my head
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