Milton – Hope For The Hopeless chords

Em D C G-EmI’ve seen so many people pass before my eyes
D CLike weary figures in the fashion play
Em D C G-EmI’ve watched them try to reach and touch the stars above
D C But oh the stars are burning far away
Em D C G-EmI’ve seen so many stumble when the light grows dim
D CCrushed beneath the mantle of the night
Em D C G-Em And do we hear their cries above our pounding hearts
D COr let them disappear from sight
Em C G DHope for the hopeless, hope for them all
Em C G DHope for the lonely, strangers who call
Em C G DRest for the restless, rest for their lives
C D EmJesus the hope for us all
Verse II:
Em D C G-EmAnd where are we when all the prisoners ache to find
D C Freedom from their long defeated soul
Em D C G-EmAnd will be build a fire of hope deep in their eyes
D CBeyond their long forgotten goal
repeat cho: Bridge:
A CWhere would we be with out your love
GWhat would we sing with out your song
DWhere would we go with out your light our ways
A CWhat would we feel with out your heart
GWhat would we see with out your eyes
DOh jesus We depend on you
repeat cho: thats all... that easy for you all who
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