A Swallow Song tab with lyrics by Mimi And Richard Farina - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mimi And Richard Farina – A Swallow Song tab

   Song Title: A Swallow Song
   Artist: Mimi & Richard Farina
   Album: Reflections In A Crystal Wind (1965)

        Em     G           Am            B 
   Come wander quietly and listen to the wind; 
        Em       G      C      B   Bsus2   B  
   Come near and listen to the sky --------- 
        Am      Em             B 
   Come walking high above the rolling of the sea
        Am                         B
   And  watch the swallows as they fly.

   2nd Verse
   There is no sorrow like the murmur of their wings
   There is no choir like their song
   There is no power like the freedom of their flight,
   While the swallows roam alone

   3rd Verse
   Do you hear the calling of a hundred thousand boys?
   Hear the trembling in the stone?
   Do you hear the angry bells ringing in the night?
   Do you hear the swallows when they've flown?

   4th Verse
   And will the breezes blow the petals from your hand?
   And will some loving ease your pain?
   And will this silence drive confusion from your soul?
   And will the swallows come again?  

   Note #1 - Theory
   The song's original key off the album is in B flat minor. 
   Therefore the chord progression would be ....

   Bflat min, Dflat, Eflat min, F
   Bflat min, Dflat, Gflat, F, Fsus2, F  
   Eflat min, Bflat min, F, Eflat min, F - respectively. 
   The song is transposed to the key of Emin allowing it to be fingerpicked 
  at an easier location on the fretboard and with better chords.

   Note #2 - History
   The Swallow Song's melody is haunting yet soothing,having survived
   60's Folk circles. It has Renaissance overtones and takes its theme       
   from the traditional Sephardic song "Los Bibilicos".
   There also recorded versions by Joan Baez on the "Memories" album 
   (released 1968) as well as Joan Baez's 1995 release "Ring Them Bells"
   featuring a duet with her sister Mimi Farina.  
   Off the original liner notes Richard Farina wrote ....
   "A Swallow Song"
   "For Joanie, who coaxed the creatures from the Big Sur wind, and eased  
    the trembling of their wings"   

    Enjoy the magic
    Transcribed and researched by 
    Jackie Don Loe 
    Dallas, TX - May 5/14/04

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