Mindy Gledhill – I Do Adore chords

AEverything you do it sends me
Amaj7Higher than the moon with every
DTwinkle in your eye
EYou strike a match that lights my heart on fire
A Amaj7When youre near, I hide my blushing face
(Amaj7) And trip on my shoelaces
DGrace just isnt my forte
EBut it brings me to my knees when you say
A Amaj7 D AHello, how are you, my darling today?
E I fall into a pile on the floor
APuppy love is hard to ignore
D E AWhen every little thing you do, I do adore
AWere as different as can be
Amaj7 DIve noticed youre remarkably relaxed
(D)And Im overly uptight
EWe balance out each other nicely
AYou wear sandals in the snow
Amaj7In mid-July I still feel cold
DWere opposites in every way
EBut I cant resist it when you say
D EFinding words, I mutter
D ETongue-tied, twisted
Amaj7Foot in mouth, I start to stutter
EHa, ha, Heaven help me
EEvery little thing, ba, ba, ba, ba
AEvery little thing, ba, ba, ba, ba
D E AEvery little thing you do I do adore
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