Mindy Gledhill – California chords


Mindy Gledhill
Album: Anchor

G                      C                

Have you been to California

D                       Em

Seen the sights and people there

G                         C

Walked the streets of sleepy sea towns

D                G

Tasted salty ocean air

G                  C

Once I flew to New York City

D                            Em

Took my picture in Time Square

G                            C

Soho nights and Broadway lights

D                  G

Such a pity you weren't  there


C                                 D

Pack your bags and lock your door

G                                C 

I'll take you places you've not been before

C                   D

All I've ever wished to do is

C                                 D            G

Travel through this life with you

G                              C

Make your way to London, England

D                          Em

Paris, France is also nice

G                           C

Ooh la la, when people say hello

D                         G

They kiss your cheeks three times


C                    D

Monte Carlo is awaiting

Em             G

Bombay intoxicating

Em                        C

The sky in Bora Bora is

D                            G

The color of your eyes


So there it is hope you have fun!
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