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Mindy Gledhill – This Is My Song chords

I really liked this song but was disappointed 
to find there weren't any tabs on it yet. 
I'm not completely positive on it, especially the "D" when it goes- "G,D,G" but oh well. 
Other than that, they're simple chords. :)

*Capo 5th Fret*

Intro: G D GVerses:
CThis is my song
G D GTo carry on
CWhen you have found yourself alone
DAnd I am gone
cSo I will wait
G D GAnticipate
CEvery last minute that we have
DTo celebrate
C GThis is my song to remember me by
D C When the moon grows long in the sky
G D CAnd you wonder why goodbyes are bound to be
EmLife goes on, love, you will see
Verse: (like above) Think of this tune When Forget-me-nots bloom Pick one for me and make a wish That I will be back soon Chorus
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