Ministry – Supernaut tab

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From: (Neil Gall)
Subject: TAB: supernaut - ministry/1000 homo dj's

There's only really two parts all the way through:
(this is from memory, and I only just learnt it the other day)

Intro, and chorus:

Then the verse, which is: (all 5th/power chords) D .... (weird bass riff) .... C C Bb C For the solo I just play lots of repeating riffs in D - that's a fair approximation to the Tony Iommi lead. I wouldn't try to copy it exactly; I couldn't do it justice, and I'm not into learning solos note for note anyway. As for the key, I learnt to play it in in Db (my guitar was tuned way sharp for some reason), I think it should be in D, but our bass player wants to play it in E. Its a magic song which sounds good in any key :-)
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