Minor Threat – Minor Threat tab

"Minor Threat" (the other tabs for this song are off, so hopefully this is a step up)
Minor Threat
Tabbed by Josh Glickenhaus

All chords are just power chords, played with substantial distortion.

Intro: D    A    E    C  G (x4)

Verse 1:

D             A        E                  C    G
We're not the first, I hope we're not the last
D                       A       E              C    G
'Cause I know we're all heading for that adult crash
D               A           E               C    G
The times is so little, the time belongs to us
D           A       E              C    G
Why is everybody in such a fucking rush?

B                     G
Make do with what you have
B                 D
Take what you can get
B              G
Pay no mind to us
We're just a minor threat

Chorus: (repeated twice before lyrics, then four times with lyrics)

D  A  E  C
We're just 
D  A  E  C
a minor threat

(for the chorus, just thrash up and down really fast)

Repeat intro

Verse 2:

D        A             E       C    G 
Early to finish, I was late to start
D             A                E        C    G
I might be an adult, but I'm a minor at heart
D              A         E                  C    G
Go to college, be a man, what's the fucking deal?
D                  A   E              C    G
It's not how old I am, it's how old I feel

B         G
Take your time
B             D
Try not to forget
B        G
We never will
We're just a minor threat

Repeat chorus, and then that's it
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