Minutemen – Tour Spiel tab

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From: gary@maple.mc.com (Gary Von Colln)

@Song: Tour Spiel
Written by Mike Watt
Recorded by Minutemen on "Project Mersh" (SST)
File format: tab
Transcription: Gary Von Colln

The main chord progression is F - A - C.

Verse Riff

Chorus Riff
Words and Song Structure [Over Verse Riff] Born in the shed with the guitar on Jam the shtick to do for gigs Bits and pieces of the workin' pieces Jam the shtick to do for gigs. Now it took me and D. Boon and George's stench To put it up on stage Define the practice and jam econo [Over Chorus Riff] It's a just a tour spiel, tour spiel, tour spiel [Over Verse Riff] I dreamed I was E. Bloom but I woke up Joe Bouchard In some town out on the road. Had my leather boots on just like Richard told me Like some hack on the Spectors Tour [Solo - Am pentatonic (not tabbed here)] [Turn around, play these chords, open positions: G - Am - F - C] [Over Chorus Riff] tour spiel, tour spiel, tour spiel [Over Verse Riff] Well you've got your guitar and your practice amp You travel the USA in a van And you're always counting on some situation So you'll write the song on command When the guitar's turned off and the gas tank's empty When the typewriter's on and my head is empty To really find me, I've got to look inside me [Over Chorus Riff] Tour Spiel, Tour Spiel, Tour Spiel
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