Mirah – Light tab

What's the use of holding out
A work sore hand to catch some rain
It turns up empty, all is dry
G				G  Em  Bm  Am
And all you ever wanted was some rain
G  Em  Bm  Am
Was some rain

If heaven is the future
Why is it that that you refuse to go
There now with all you have
G				G  Em  Bm  Am
You really should do more than just complain
G  Em  Bm  Am
Just complain

Such a rotten taste
Is left when you don't think to say that
It's just such a sorry waste
G			G  Em  Bm  Am
To take the easy way out of the pain
G  Em  Bm  Am
Of the pain

D  G
G  C

G	Bm	     Em	   C
When the end shines from the deep
G	   Bm		Em		   C
And all the hate and all the hell that history has released
G		Bm	     	Em		      C
Would tremble before your valor if you'd just get down on your knees
G		Bm	     	Em		   C
And promise to all your children true that you will live in peace

G		Em
Where's the light to shine on me
Bm			D
Oh, send me something, send me please
G		Em
Cleanse my body, close my eyes
Bm	G	Em      D
I'm naked and prepared to die
G	       Em
In the starry atmosphere
G		D
When all the questions disappear
G		Em
And pressure with a salty taste
Em	G	Em	D	G
Exalts the tears that soak your face.
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