Special Death tab with lyrics by Mirah - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mirah – Special Death tab

Well, this is my first tab.

This song is pretty much the same two chords the whole way through.

Dm Ae|---1--------1---------1-------------------0-----|B|-------2--------2---------2-------------------2-|G|-----3--------3---------3-------------------2---|D|-0------------------0---------------------------|A|----------0-------------------0---3---0---------|E|------------------------------------------------|
A Dme|----0---------0-----------------------|B|--------2---------2-------------------|G|------2---------2---------------------|D|-0----------------------3---2---0-----|A|-----------0--------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
All you have to do is repeat the Dm and A tab all the way through the song. It's very simple, and you should be able to pick up chord-change times very easily if listen to the song. Let me know if there are any errors. Thanks.
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