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Clone High Theme - Abandoned Pools

        Em                         G	      C5
Way way back in the 1980s/Secret Goverment employees
        Em                               G              C5
Dug up famous guys and ladies/And made amusing genetic copies
        Em                                      G               C5
Now the clones are sexy teens now/They're gonna make it if they try
           Em                                G                 C5   G
Loving, learning, sharing, judging/Learn to laugh, shiver and cry
G/F#      A
Time to watch

   C5           G          D
Clone High/Energenic and engaging
   C5            G            D
Clone High/Our angst is entertaining
   C5            G              D
Clone High/Our plans are never boring
    C		(Drums)
Who am I

          Em                                   G          C5
There's a place that you can go to/And's it's never very far
        Em                                 G                 C5
Famous people you can live through/If you don't know who you are
            Em                         G               C5
Why there's so much to live up to/Expectations are so high
         Em                                    G             C5      G
I'm not crying, it's my contact/There must be something in my eye
    G/F#       A
You all must watch

   C5         G            D
Clone High/Inspired and Organic
   C5       G          D
Clone High/Possible dramatic
   C5            G                  D
Clone High/More fun than watching static
Where am I?

Clone High
                         Em                       Em
"Yes Abe, I love-" "Shh" "Where are my bitches?" "You've changed, Abe!"
Em                    G
"Now, I may be blind" "Best dudes forever, Abe?"
                         G/F#                                                    G
"Well I'll just leave you two alone because it looks like you're about to DO IT anyway!"
                          G/F#                  G       G/F#        G 
"I'm a Kennedy! I'm not accustomed to tragedy"
I'll see you at

  C5          G               D
Clone High/I can't escape my name
  C5        G                   D
Clone High/That's the price of fame
  C5        G               D
Clone High/Life is just a game
  C5             Em
That's why/Clone High

Fade out with Em
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