Misc Country – Dont Tell Jeannie Im Blind tab


In a hospital ward of poor veterans 
with respect I was spending some time
As I walked to the young soldiers bedside
His expression told me he was blind

A heart felt handshake I offered
As he bid me to spend him some time
And asked would you be so kind mister
To help wipe these tears from my mind

Please write me a letter Jeannie
I ask this request cause I'm blind
I was wounded while fighting in action
From the blast of an underground mine

Please write and tell Jeannie I'm sorry
But a new love I hope she will find
Tell her now that I'm not free to marry
But don't tell Jeannie I'm blind

We planned to be wed in Virginia
This dream now I must leave behind
My vision of Jeannie has vanished
Just a burden I'd be now I'm blind

If Jeannie knew I still loved her
Even though she knew I was blind
We might still be wed in Virginia
But regret would remain on her mind

It's better to say that i've left her
The hurt only lasts for a time
Than to sacrifice life with a burden
So don't tell Jeannie I'm blind

Repeat Chorus

Tell Jeannie I'm happy in my world
Though the sun for me never shines
She must never know I'm heart broken
And don't tell Jeannie I'm blind

With the pen in my fingers that trembled
I'd written this soldiers reply 
As I signed off his name to this message
I could feel the tears fill my eyes

Repeat Chorus
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