Misc Country - Newfoundlander tab

  Hold your head up Newfoundlander ,you're a part of this great land
  And I know that you're Canadian and a fellow countryman
  I'm just as proud to walk beside you,proud to call you friend
  I'm a better man for knowing you,be proud of Newfoundland
  There's people walking' round today 
  That can't get there feet off the ground
  There the ones that you see laughing out
  while they're puttin' someone down
  You'd think the walk on water,a way up in the sky
  But the only man that ever walked on water ,wasn't that kind of guy
  Repeat Chorus
  Next time you see one ask him,what he's trying to do
  Look him in the eye and tell him,he don't speak for me and you
  Then you offer him some good advice,go and see first hand
  How wrong he's been and he'll come back a wise and better man
  Repeat Chorus
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