Misc Country - Stranger In My Home tab

     One night it was dark and was storming
     And along came a tramp in the storm
     He was making his way to the station
     To catch him a long distance train
     Can I sleep in your barn tonight mister 
     For it's cold sleeping out on the ground
     And I'll tell you a story kind mister
     For it runs through my heart like a storm
     It was three years ago last December
     I will never forget that sad day
     When a stranger came out from the city
     And he said that he wanted to stay
     My wife said she'd like to be earning
     Some things to add to our home
     She coaxed till I finally consented
     That this stranger could stay in our home
     One night coming home from my work sir
     I was whistling and singing with joy
     I expected a kind hearted welcome
     And a kiss from my wife and my boy
     But what did I find but a letter
     It was placed in the room on a stand
     And the moment my eyes fell upon it
     I picked it right in my hand
     Now the words that were written in this letter
     Were enough-to drive a poor man wild
     For that hard hearted stranger and Nellie
     Had run off and had taken my child
     Now I know there's a God up in heaven
     As I've always been taught to believe
     And I know that he'll give to that stranger
     The dues that he aught to receive
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