Misc Soundtrack – Earache tab

EARACHE MY EYE - ALICE BOWIE  - cheech and chong soundtrack

UP in smoke

(at least this is how it's titled on the
sound track) This is the song cheech and chong play during the rock
fight. cheech is dressed up in the pink thing and chongs in the super
hero outfight, freshly recouped from all those downers ;)


(i know the last few notes are E:-7-7-7, but i can't figure out the scale
he's playing at first..) any help or corrections would be OH so welcomed.

riff a

riff b
riff a x 4 riff b x 1 my momma talka to me try to tell me how to live but i don't listen to her cuz my head is like a sieve riff b riff a x 2 my daddy his disowned me cuz i wear my sisters clothes he caught me in the bathroom with a pair of panty hose riff b y basketball coach he done kicked me off the team for wearin' high heel sneakers and acting like a queen riff b solo (riff a x 2 riff b under solo) riff a x 2 the worlds coming to an end i don't even care as long as i can hvae a limo and my orange hair riff b riff a x 2 and it don't bother me if people think i'm funny cuz i'm a biga rock star and i'm makin lotsa money riff b (spoken: i'm so bloody rich. i own apartment buildings and shopping centers. i only know 3 chords. i'm a free bird, you fool) corrections/comments:dtomanovich@mumr2.mid.muohio.edu
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