Misc Soundtrack - Crazy Heart - I Dont Know chords

Artist: Jeff Bridges
Song: I Don't Know
Album: Crazy Heart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Intro: G

GI donít know baby where we stand
Where's the future that we planned
DSo long ago
GI donít know
I donít know if youíre my friend Or a long lost lover coming back again
DWhere did you go
GBaby I donít know
CYouíd think by now that I would know better
GBut I ainít got a lot to show
CI could write a song I could write a letter
DI could write a book about I donít know
GWatch my life fall through the cracks
Like a long gone train that ainít coming back
DWhere did it go
G I donít know
Solo: G D G x2 Bridge:
GMy past is pretty rocky, my future ainít long
Why do I think we got a chance at all
DWhere does the wind blow
GBaby I donít know
DWhere does the wind blow
GBaby I donít know
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