Misc Soundtrack - Kill Bill - The Whistling Song tab version 1

I've used Ultimate guitar for, oh, a good 100 tabs, but never
submitted one. Just got the ear and I hope its a good one!
I'll be able to see how good my ear is by the ratings I getfor it.

The Whistling Song
Kill Bill
Tabbed By: Tim Rooker

E 0----0-0-----------------0-0-----0-0----------------------|B --3------3---3-1--3-3-1------3-3-----3---3-3--1-1--3-3--1-|G ----------------------------------------------------------|D ----------------------------------------------------------|A ----------------------------------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------1--0-0---------------------|B 3s1--3-4--3s1--3-4--3s1--3-4-----------------------------|G ---------------------------------------------------------|D ---------------------------------------------------------|A ---------------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------------|
s=slide By the way, the whistling song is where Elle Driver is walking down the corridor disguised as a nurse, early on in Kill Bill volume one.
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