Misc Television - Full House Theme chords

This is one way to play the Full House Theme. I think its how the song was in the later season(s)

Main E-riff....E---------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------|G---------------------------------2-----|D---------------------------2-----2-----|A-----------------2---------------0-----|E---0---0--3^4-------4------------------|
E-riffscat singing
E-riffWhat ever happened to predictability?
E-riffThe milkman, the paperboy, evening TV.
A Bmiss your old familiar friends, waiting just around the bend
E B C#m B AEverywhere you look , everywhere you go (there's a heart). There's a heart
BA hand to hold onto.
E B C#m B AEverywhere you look , everywhere you go., There's a face,
BOf somebody who needs you.
E B C#m BEveywhere you look, Everywhere
A G#When you're lost out there and you're all alone,
C#m B A BA light is waiting to carry you home,
E-riffEverywhere you look. aaaahhhhhh
E riff Everywhere you look (or) scat singing
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