Misc Television – Happy Happy Joy Joy tab ver. 2


From the Ren and Stimpy Show
Tabbed by D Rybes (annelid@ppzclan.com)

This song is relatively simple to play after a little practice and is based on open C chord with different variations in the bass note, alternated with a G7 chord and at one point an F.  I've tabbed it out because all the other versions of the song I found didnt include the crucial change of the bass note in the C.

This tab is all my own work and I am very confident in its accuracy.


    C       G7      F

e|--0--| |--1--| |--1--| B|--1--| |--0--| |--1--| G|--0--| |--0--| |--2--| D|--2--| |--0--| |--3--| A|--3--| |--2--| |--x--| E|--x--| |--3--| |--x--|
Intro/First Voice Part ---------------------- [Strum alternating G7 and C chords slowly:] G7 "Hello boys and girls! This is your old pal Stinky Whizzleteats!" C "This is a song about a whale.... no!" G7 "This is a song about being happy! That's right!" [Begin the C strum pattern below] C Strum Pattern (During Verses and Talking) ------------------------------------------- FIG. A C C/G
Sort of a variation on an open C strummed over and over, alternate between picking the 3 on the E and the on the A, whichever you pick strum the rest of the chord afterwards. This gives the song its bouncy feel. Play FIG A 6 times as you say, "It's the happy happy joy joy song!". Then the seventh time around play this ascending 'fill' FILL A C C/G C/A C/B
e|-----0-------0-------0-------0----|B|-----1-------1-------1-------1----|G|-----0-------0-------0-------0----|D|-----2-------2-------2-------2----|A|--3---------------0-------2-------|E|----------3-----------------------| ^ ^ ^ Special emphasis on these bass notes
Now break into the chorus Chorus ------ FIG. B C G7
"Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy," G7 C
"Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy," C F ***
"Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy," G7 C
"Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!" *** If you find switching to |xx4210| here is too hard you may omit it with little effect on the song's sound. The row of ******'s represents where you will jump to the special ending on the final chorus of the song. After you've picked the little ditty at the end, wait a second and begin the second talking part. Second Talking Part ------------------- "I don't think you're happy enough! That's right!" [begin strumming FIG A here and repeat it as you talk] C "I'll teach you to be happy! .... I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!" C "Now boys and girls! Let's try it again!" [immediately play FILL A, then break into the chorus.] Chorus 2 -------- (same as first chorus, but with a deep voice saying "Happy!" at the beginning of each measure. after the chorus enter the third talking part) Third Talking Part ------------------ "If'n you ain't the gran-daddy of all liars!" [begin strumming FIG A and repeat as you talk] C "Mmm the little critters of nature.... they don't know that they're ugly." C "That's very funny. A fly marrying a bumblebee..." C "I TOLD YA I'D SHOOT! BUT YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME! WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME?!" [play FILL A then break into the final chorus] Final Chorus ------------ [everyone including Stinky joins in, and a voice shouts "HAPPY!" at the beginning of each measure, and "JOY" halfway through each measure.] When you reach the ******'s in the tab above jump to this special ending: FILL B G7
"Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy" G7 C
"Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy !!!!!" C
That's it, enjoy your dive back into mid 90's quality cartoon nostalgia... Tabbed by D Rybes (annelid@ppzclan.com) E-mail me with questions, comments, or errors
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