Misc Television – The Moomins Theme chords

Quite by accident, I figured out the chord sequence for the 'Moomins' TV 
theme tune. Enjoy playing it yourself!

Standard tuning, Capo 1, or no capo if you prefer.

Chords used:

C - X32010
F - XX3211
G - 320033

Intro: C F G C

CHere they are for one and all,
The Moomins are about to call, Come and sit down here with me,
FThey're here for you on your TV,
CThey are the Moomins x2
CSo come with me give me your hand,
I'll take you off to Moomin land, You can fly just like a bird,
FAnd sing the best song ever heard
CHere with the Moomins.
They are the Moomins.
FThey are the Moomins,
CThey are the Moomins,
FThey are the Moomins,
CThey are the Moomins.
Ba ba ba ba (until finish, same chords as intro)
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