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Misc Television – Family Guy Theme chords

Family Guy Opening Theme
by Seth MacFarlane

Tuning: Standard

Chords used: 

[C7] [F][G7][Gm7][Fmaj7][F7][Bb][G7/B] [D7] [Aaug][Dm7][Bb/G] [A7] [Dm] (Bdim)e|--0---8---1----3---8-----8----1----1-----5-----1----5----(1)----0----5---|B|--1---10--0----3---10----10---3----0-----7-----2----6-----3-----2----6---|G|--3---10--0----3---9-----8----3----0-----5-----2----5-----3-----0----7---|D|--2---10--0----3---10----10---3----0-----7-----3----7-----3-----2----7---|A|--3---8---2----5---8-----8----1----2-----5----(2)---5----(1)----0----5---|E|----------3----3------------------------------------------3--------------|(not all chords may be named correctly..)
[C7] [F] [G7] "It seems today, that all you see,
[Gm7] [C7] [F] [Fmaj7][F7] is violence in movies, and sex on T V."
[Bb] [G7/B] [F] [D7] [G7] "But where are those good old fashioned values -
[C7] [Aaug] on which we used to rely?!"
[Bb] [G7/B] [F] [Dm7] "Lucky there's a family guy!
[Bb/G] [C7] [F] [Dm7][D7] Lucky there's a man who, positively can do,
[Gm7] [A7] [Dm7] [Dm] all the things that make us..." - "Laugh and cry!"
[C7] [F] (Bb) (C7) [F] "He's a family guy!"
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