Misc Television – How Not To Live Your Life - Dons Song About Not Dying chords

hey so this is my first chord thing ive put up i hope it helps :) and yes i have 
basically studied dan clark playing this, hes amazing and i love the show and im 
like so sad its ended :(

capo on the 2nd fret
gnow that you know that you'll miss me when i'm gone
cwill you forgive me for the things i may have done?
g csay yes (yes) say yes don (yes don)
g csay ohha ohha (ohha ohha) .....
g clions and tigers and hippos and fowls
g cthey dont forgive eachother cause thier animals they dont know how
g c g cthats what makes humans so great they can forgive when they make a mistake
d ci better tell you all that ive been lying
d ci may have made you all beileve that i am dying
g cbut im not and thats great
g cits somthing that we should celebrate
g clions and tigers and hippos and fowls
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