Misc Tradional – Waltzing Matilda tab

Heres just a short version of waltzing matilda i got of a piece of sheet music

Q E E Q Q Q E E Q Q Q E E Q E E Q E E Q E E E[-----------|-----------|-------------|-------------]B[-----------|-1-1-1-0---|-------------|-------------]G[-0-0-0-0---|---------2-|-0-0-0-2-0-0-|-0-----------]D[---------2-|-----------|-------------|---3-2-0---0-]A[-----------|-----------|-------------|---------3---]E[-----------|-----------|-------------|-------------]
Q E E Q E E E E E E E E Q Q E E Q E E Q E E HE[-------------|---------------|-------------|---------]B[-------------|---------------|-------------|---------]G[-------------|---------------|-------0-----|---------]D[-2-2-2-0-0-0-|---0-2---------|-----3---3-2-|-0-0-0---]A[-------------|-3-----3-0-2-3-|---3---------|-------3-]E[-------------|---------------|-3-----------|---------]
rhythm legend W = whole not H = half note Q = quarter note E = eighth note S = sixteenth note
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