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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 07:28:47 +1000
From: Kevin Woodgate 
Subject: m/misc_traditional/lime-juice_tub.tab

                      Lime-Juice Tub        Australian Folk Song   

Transcribed by K Woodgate

Easy melody Version 

The song can be found on records by the Bushwackers, Cobbers, William Clauson 
and many other Australian Folk records.

Intro G C D7 Ge|-2--2--2--2-|----0-------|----------|B|------------|-3-----3--1-|-0--------|G|------------|------------|----2--0--|D|------------|------------|----------|A|------------|------------|----------|E|------------|------------|----------|
D7 G C G e|------------------|-------------------|------------------|-----------------B|-0---0----2----3--|0------------------|-------------0----|-----------------G|------------------|----2----0---0-----|-0---0--2---------|-0---------------D|------------------|-------------------|------------------|----2----0---0---A|------------------|-------------------|------------------|-----------------E|------------------|-------------------|------------------|-----------------When shearing comes lay down your drums, Step to the board you brand newchums
C G D7 Ge|------------|-------------|------------|----------------|-----------------B|------------|-------------|------------|----------0-----|-----------------G|------------|-----0---0---|------------|-0---2---------0|-0-----------0---D|-0--------0-|-0---------2-|-0----0---0-|----------------|---2----4--------A|-----3-2----|-------------|---3--------|----------------|-----------------E|------------|-------------|------------|----------------|----------------- With a ra-dum-doo and a rubadubdub We'll send you home in a lime-juice tub.
CHORUS: D7 G C G e|--------------|---------------------|----------------|--------------|B|-0---1--3---0-|---------------------|----0-----------|--------------|G|--------------|-2---0----0-----o----|-2--------0-----|--------------|D|--------------|---------------------|-------------2--|-0-0----------|A|--------------|---------------------|----------------|----------3---|E|--------------|---------------------|----------------|--------------| Here we are in New South Wales Shear-in' sheep as big as whales With
C G D7 Ge|-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||B|-----------------|----------------|-----------0----|----------------||G|---------------0-|----------------|-0-----2--------|-0---------0----||D|------0--0-------|-2------0-----0-|----------------|----2---4-------||A|-2---------------|-----3----------|----------------|----------------||E|-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|| leath-er necks and dag-gy tails And fleece as tough as rust-y nails
Since you have crossed the briny deep You fancy you can shear a sheep, With a ra-dum-doo and a rub-a-dub-dub We'll send you home in a limejuice tub. There's cockies' sons and brand new chums Who fancy that they're all great guns. They fancy they can shear the wool The buggers can only tear and pull. They tar the sheep till they're nearly black Roll up, roll up, and get the sack Once more we're away on the wallaby track More to look for work out back. And when they're out upon the road >From off their backs they throw their load And at the sun they take a look And reckon that it's time to press the cook. They sleep in huts without any door And camp upon the dirty floor, With a pannikin of flour and a sheet of bark To wallop up a damper in the dark. You cockies, too, you never need fret For I'm the man who's willing to bet You're up to your eyes, heels first in debt You're up to your eyes, your sons as well. Although you live beyond your means, Your daughters wear no crinolines Nor are they covered by boots and shoes They're wild in the bush with the kangaroos. It's home, it's home I'd like to be, Not humpin' me drum in this sheep country Over a thousand miles I've come To march along with a blanket drum. But shearing's here, boys, give a cheer Step to the board and grab your gear With a ra-dum-doo and a rub-a-dub-dub We'll send you home in a limejuice tub.
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