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Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 09:03:52 +1000
From: Kevin Woodgate 
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    The Overlanders       Australian Folk Song    

Transcribed by K Woodgate

Easy melody Version 

The song can be found on records by the Bushwackers, Cobbers, William Clauson 
and many other Australian Folk records.

Am C Dm Eme|------------------|-------------------|-----------------|------------------|B|------------------|-------------------|-----------------|------------------|G|------------------|-------------------|-----------------|------------------|D|-2-----2----------|-------------------|-0-----0---0-----|-0--2--2----2-----|A|----------0-----2-|-3---3----3-----3--|---------------3-|------------------|E|------------------|-------------------|-----------------|------------------| There's a trade you all know well, It's bring-ing the cat-tle o-ver. Now
Am C Dm Em C e|----------------|---------------|------------|--------------|--------------B|----------------|---------------|------------|--------------|--------------G|----------------|---------------|------------|--------------|--------------D|-2--2-----------|-------------2-|-0-0------0-|-2---2---2-2--|-0--2-----3---A|--------0-----2-|-3---3--3------|------3-----|--------------|--------------E|----------------|---------------|------------|--------------|-------------- lis-ten while I tell to you How I be-came a drov-er. I want-ed stock for
G C G Am C e|--------------------|-------------|-----------------|-------------------|B|--------------------|-------------|-----------------|-------------------|G|-0-----0------------|----------0--|-0--2------2--2--|-0-----------------|D|-------------3--2---|-0--2--3-----|-----------------|-----2---2---2-----|A|--------------------|-------------|-----------------|-------------------|E|--------------------|-------------|-----------------|-------------------| Queens-land, To Kemp-sey I did wan-der Bought a thous-and cat-tle there
Em Ame|-------------------|-----------------|B|-------------------|-----------------|G|-------------------|-----------------|D|--0----------------|-----------------|A|-----3----3------2-|-------0------0--|E|-------------------|-3---------------| And then turned o- ver - land - er.
CHORUS C G C G Am e|---------------|----------------------|------------------|----------------B|---------------|----------------------|------------------|----------------G|---------------|-0----0------0--------|-------------0----|-0-----2---2--2-D|-2---0---2---3-|-----------------2----|-0--2-----3-------|----------------A|---------------|----------------------|------------------|----------------E|---------------|----------------------|------------------|---------------- Pass the bot-tle round boys, and don't you leave it stand there, Forto-night
C Em Ame|----------------------|------------|---------------||B|----------------------|------------|---------------||G|-0--------------------|------------|---------------||D|------2-----2---2-----|-0----------|---------------||A|----------------------|---3--3--2--|-----0----0----||E|----------------------|------------|-3-------------|| we'll drink the health of ev-ry o - ver-land-er
When the cattle were counted And the outfit ready to start, I saw the boys all mounted With their swags thrown in the cart, All kinds of men I had too >From France and Spain and Flanders Lawyers, doctors, good and bad, In the mob of overlanders. >From the track I then spread out Where the grass was green and young, When a squatter with a curse and shout, Told me to move along. I said, 'Come draw it mild man, And don't you raise my dander For I'm a regular knowin' card, A Queensland overlander.' We move the cattle fifty miles And make camp for the day, We talk about the rich folk's life And true loves far away. Our tucker isn't fancy Beef and tea and damper But wash it down with Queensland rum It suits the overlander, Our clothes are getting dirtier And throats they choke with dust, We set our tired horses free And in the dogs we trust. We gaze into the shimmering haze, And dream of places grander, But, come what may, we know we'll stay The Queensland overlander I would scorn to prig a shirt, That all my mates can say But if we pass a township Upon a washing day, The dirty brats of kids would shout, And quickly raise my dander Crying, 'Mother dear, take in your clothes, Here comes the overlander.' In town we dress ourselves up And we go and see a play. We never think of being hard up, Or how to spend a day, We steer up to them pretty girls That dress themselves in grandeur And while they sweat our cheques, they swear They love the overlander.
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