Misc Unsigned Bands – Acryllic Poncho Generation - The Pie Runs From The Armpit Flowers tab

This is our first song called The Pie Runs from the Armpit Flowers.  
It’s basically amazing.  We are Acryllic Poncho Generation.

        E                    A2
I got my pasta sauce but I’m in a hurry,
It’s my favorite Rague; just wanna sturry-sturry-sturry.
        E                           A2
Boilin’ water isn’t fun when you’re at the top
Of a huge frickin’ mountain ‘least there ain’t no cops
   E                    A2
To see me partake of my illegal confections; 
I got all the grains broken down n’ta separate sections.
        E                      A2
I don’t like whole wheat, it’s not delectable
All it’s good for is a dust collectible.

     A2       Bsus    E    A2
Now, Pasta is full of carbohydrates;
                Bsus       E
It’s not easily broken down...
A2       Bsus    E    A2
Pasta is full of carbohydrates;
A2                         Bsus
It’s not easily broken down...by enzymes.

E                       A2
Bowtie, angel hair, and tortellini;
Best teacher in school was Mista Feeney:
E                       A2
Greatest character from Boy Meets World;
Always showed me how that pasta twirl’d.
E                              A2
Y’like that reference?  Then y’like these, too:
Such as Rugrats, Catdog, and Scooby doo-oo-oo.
E                     A2
They’re all cartoons, this I know;
But they all taught me how that pasta flow


E                            E /A2         
While I'm writin' this song, I sees a tree,
    A2 /Bsus                     Bsus
There's a flower ova there and a little bee-ee-ee.
    E                      E /A2
The grass is green and there's some bricks,
    A2 /Bsus      
There's a puddle of mud and a pile of sticks.

Chorus x2

(last line of chorus:
It's not easily broken down by...enzymes)

Then Play Song of Storms from Zelda Ocarina of Time
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