Dick Humes And The Toxic Black Smoke - A Chair For This Piano tab with lyrics by Misc Unsigned Bands - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Unsigned Bands – Dick Humes And The Toxic Black Smoke - A Chair For This Piano tab

Verse: A E I'd write you a love song G D I'd do it right now A E I'd sing you a ballad G D beleive me, I know how I'd make lots of money, and Give it to you I'd hire and instructor To teach me Kung-Fu Bridge: D F But I can't do any of these things G 'Cause I don't have a chair for this piano... No chair! Chorus: D F G D D F G D If only I had! If only I had! If only I had a chair for this piano (Repeat) Verse: Life would be better On, I can tell Won't somebody please Get me out of this hell A E Without a chair G D Life's just not the same A E I can't play my piano G A I'm going insane! Yeahhhhhhh.... No chair! (Chorus) (Repeat verses 1&2) Dan: Hey look! I found a chair! Nathan: Sweet! Now I can play the piano! (Piano Solo over chorus[repeat as necessary])
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