Misc Unsigned Bands – Kevin Rudolf Ft Lil Wayne - Let It Rock tab

Kevin Rudolf Ft. Lil Wayne
Let It Rock

Here's the actual version of the riff with the chords to the song. The other tab that is 
is slightly off. I learned it on the keyboard and here is the guitar tab for it.

Chords with Riff: D F G D F G D Bb G D Bb G Verse: I see your dirty face (*Follow this pattern for the verse/chorus) D F G High behind your collar What is done in vain D F G D Bb G D Bb G D F G D F G D Bb G D Bb G Chorus: D F G D F G D Bb G D Bb G The riff pops up multiple times throughout the song so just play it when it comes up. it :) Please rate it.
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