Misc Unsigned Bands – Ammature Transplants - Youre A Peodophile tab


E|----------------------------------------------------------------||B|------4-3-4---------4-3-4---6---4-3-4---------------------------||G|-0-------------0---------------------------0--1-----------------|| x2D|----------------------------------------------------------------||A|----------------------------------------------------------------||E|----------------------------------------------------------------||
C My life is brilliant G My name is james Am I'm only 7 F And that explains C Why i've never had a best friend G untill you came along Am But people, they look at us and they F Say that were wrong they say F G You're a peodophile C You're a peodophile F G C You're a peodophile, they say F G Your name is clive C G Am And you're fourty-five F G Am But you don't let that come between us F G C And you make me hold your hand Intro
E|----------------------------------------------------------------||B|------4-3-4---------4-3-4---6---4-3-4---------------------------||G|-0-------------0---------------------------0--1-----------------|| x1D|----------------------------------------------------------------||A|----------------------------------------------------------------||E|----------------------------------------------------------------||
C Yes, we went to the park G And fed bread to a duck Am Then you took me home so that we could.. F Eat dinner C G And now i've got your fish fingures in my tum Am F And then you try and push your...food on my plate F G You're a peodophilel C You're a peodophile F G C You're a peodophile, they say F G But i don't care C G Am Cus you're always there F G Am Like when you helped me find my specticals F G C And when you fiddle with my... hair F C You meet me after school F C You watch me in the pool F C G You make me laugh when you act silly F C You take me to the swings F C You buy me sweets and things F C G Some times i play with your,,, Watch F G You're a peodophile C You're a peodophile F G C You're a peodophile, they say F G Or have i mis-heard C G Am Yeah, i've got the wrong word F G C G Am They say that you're my babysitter F G Am And though you're my baby sitter F G C You still take me up the ,,, shops Music by james blunt Parody (Lyrics) the ammature transplants Chordidge by ben cornish
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