Misc Unsigned Bands - Killrbuckeye - Arrival tab

Tuning:Drop c

this is straight from his tablature
 which you can download using Tuxguitar a free program
that can transcribe guitar pro files
but here ya go this is my second tab
i actually wrote out sooo bare with me
and please comment give me a rating
and ill surely fix anything anyone has to correct
but i dont think this has no errors
since it is from killrbuckeye himself i take no credit for this either
i just wrote this out

D|-------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------|F|------------0------------------------|C|-----2-------------------------------|G|---0---------------------------------|C|-0------0----------------------------|(repeat like 1 or 2 more times listen to the i prolly aint gonna make the solo for the intro unless i get insanely bored later on down roadtoo view the artists website go to www.killrbuckeye.com or go to to view the video directly
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