Misc Unsigned Bands - Blow Up My Heart And Choke On The Pieces - Climbing Stares tab

Artist: Blow Up My Heart and Choke on the Pieces
Title: Climbing Stares

For additional info on the song, feel free to contact me at duval92@netzero.net  . 
I didn't tab the timing, but it is very slow if you haven't heard the song before.

Tuning: E Standard

h - Hammer On
p - Pull Off

riff 1|--------0-0h2h3p2-----------------------------------------||--2----2----------3-2-------3-2-------3-2-------3-2-------||-2----2---------------2-0-------0-2-------2-0-------0-2---||0----0----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------|
riff 2|--------2-0h2h3p2----2-0h2h3p2---| Order: riff 1|--2----2---------3------------2--| riff 2|-2----2--------------------------| riff 1|0----0---------------------------| Done! (simple)|---------------------------------| |---------------------------------|
This song is for Elise :) <3 Tabbed by: D
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