Misc Unsigned Bands – Connie Stevens - Sixteen Reasons chords

Sixteen Reasons:Connie Stevens.
#3 in 1960.
           (Capo 1st fret.)

A D E E7Sixteen reasons..why I love you.
A(One) the way you hold my hand..
D E(Two) your laughing eyes.
A(Three) the way you understand..
D E(Four) your secret sighs..
A D EThey're all part of sixteen reasons..
D E E7why I love you.
A(Five) the way you comb your hair..
D E(Six) your freckled nose.
A(Seven) the way you say you care..
D E(Eight) your crazy clothes.
A D EThat's just half of sixteen reasons..
D E Awhy I love you.
D(Nine) snuggling in the car.
A(Ten) your wish upon a star.
B(Eleven) whispering on the phone.
E(Twelve) your kiss when we're alone.
A(Thirteen) the way you thrill my heart..
D E(Fourteen) your voice so neat.
A(Fifteen) you say we'll never part..
D E(Sixteen) our love's complete.
A D EThose are all of sixteen reasons..
D E Awhy I love you.
A D E A(Sixteen reasons)Why I love you.
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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