Misc Unsigned Bands - September Vacancy - This Is My Way Of Saying I Love You chords

Ok, this is only my second tab, but it's a good
song and it's 100% correct. It's in open E tuning
though, and I don't know the chord names in that
tuning... so the chords are presented as
numbers, so "0" would be open strumming, while 2 would
be like Em. Here's a chord chart just in case:

Capo 2 - Chords are presented as if capo is NOT present.

e|-0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|B|-0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|E|-0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|E|-0--|--2--|--4--|--5--|A|-0--|--2--|--4--|--5--|E|-0--|--0--|--0--|--0--| "0" "2" "4" "5"
Verse 1 2 0 Baby, please don't leave me here 2 0 'Cus I don't want to be alone 2 0 I need you here to keep me warm throughout the night 2 0 'Cus loneliness can be so cold 2 0 ... Just stay with me ---4,0,4,0--- Verse 2 2 0 So fall asleep in the safety of my arms 2 0 And I'll hold you through the night 2 0 And even though we both know this is so wrong 2 0 It feels so right... 4 0 And tonight's the night 4 0 And the end's in sight 4 And this is my way of saying 5 ---(let ring)--- I love you... Chorus 4 Oh, I love you like 2 No one else can And I want to love you like No one else has Verse 3 2 0 So crawl under the covers with me 2 0 And I'll whisper in your ear 2 0 I'll tell you of the love that this world offers 2 0 Even though it can't compare 2 0 With the way I feel for you 0 ---(let ring)--- ... Do you feel it to? Bridge 4 So baby please come back 2 Because if you keep running We'll circle right back 2 To where we started Chorus 2 4 And I'll still love you like 2 No one else can And I still love you like Nobody ever has Ending
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