Misc Unsigned Bands – Cranius - Darrowshire chords

Super Special thanks to GetAssista over at Youtube for the chords

You can find the song here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dTxcHulFBI&feature=related

INTRO: Dm A Dm A A7 Dm A F G A

Dm F Gm DmI've seen a great many things that cause a man to wonder
Dm F G A7I've seen a great many things that can tear a man's heart asunder
Dm F G DmBut the day that will not let me go, it haunts me to my burning soul
Dm F E7 A7Is the day I found Pamela wandering Darrowshire
Dm F Dm A Dm Dm Bb A (Riff) Can you help me find my dolly? I left her by the window sill Have you seen my daddy? I think he went off to war And can you tell my family I've been missing them for oh so very long Ask them why'd they leave me here alone in Darrowshire I bring word from your sister, she's alive and well in Winterspring Here I found your dolly, it's up to you to keep her safe And your father's coming home again. The war for him is over And your spirits once again may be at rest in Darrowshire
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