Misc Unsigned Bands – 2 Man Band In Guitar Class - Squidney Is A Dukewagon chords

G What starts with an S and ends with a Quidney?
ASquidney! Squidney!
D Squidney ellen polish sausage hogwarts alien dukewagon ozorkiewcz
AWe write her songs
But she doesn't sing along
DShe says oh my gosh guys! That is so aggravating!
But we do it anyway Here's a little biography of the squid:
D She loves jack zones
She has 14 toes
A She has a dog and an evil cat too
She yells at us till her face is blue She wears a scarf around her neck Don't untie it cuz her head might pop off
DShe is really tall and could slam dunk a basketball
EAdvice to the squid:
"Lifes a climb but the view is great!"
DShe wore a jacket to six flags
It was very hot that day
AHer book bag is pink
Like a pig, oink
ESquidney always laughs when she passes gas
It stinks
DShe loves that red scarf
Tori thinks she's gonna barf
EThis is the end of our song
Bet you wish you'd sand along.
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