Misc Unsigned Bands – Ashes Remain - Everything Good chords

Everything Good - Ashes Remain
Capo 1

C G Am F

Verse 1
C GYou are oxygen, on a late night drive
Am F CTo clear my head when hope has passed me by
C GYou are gravity, when I'm upside down
Am F CYou help me find my way back to the ground
C GAnd this is why
C GYou're everything good, everything true
Am F When all the world is fading, You're everything new
C G You are my eyes, when I can't see
Am FWhen all the world is broken, You will always be
C G Am F CEverything good
Verse 2 (same progression as first) You are all I have, and all I need And all I am is what You've made of me And this is why Chorus Bridge
G Am F CYou're everything, good to me
G Am F CYou're everything, that I need, that I need
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