Misc Unsigned Bands – James A Cowan - When Its All Been Said And Done chords

INTRO: First verse chords...

F C G Am-EmWhen it™s all been said and done
F c Am-EmThere is just one thing that matters
F c Em AmDid I do my best to live for truth
F G cDid I live my life for You
(Did I live my life for You) **END**
F C G Am-EmWhen it€™s all been said and done
F c Am-EmAll my treasures will mean nothing
F C Em AmOnly what I'™ve done for love€™s reward
F G CWill stand the test of time
>>> F-C-G-Am-F-G-C
F C G Am-EmLord Your mercy is so great
F C Am EmThat You look beyond our weakness
F C Em AmAnd find purest gold in miry clay
F G CMaking sinners into saints
F C G Am-EmI will always sing Your praise
F C Am-EmHere on earth and ever after
F C Em AmFor You'™ve shown me Heaven'™s my true home
F G C-Caug-AmWhen it€s all been said and done
F G CYou'™re my life when life is gone
>>> F-C-G-Am-F-G-C
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