Misc Unsigned Bands – Gordon Garner - Heaven Got Another Angel tab

Intro: F Bbsus2 F C C7

The (F) roses aren't as pretty
The (Bb) sun isn't quite as high
The (F) birds don't sing as sweet of a lullaby  (C) (C7)
The (F) stars seem a little bit faded
The (Bb) clouds just a little more gray
And it (F) feels like things won't ever be the (C) same 

Heaven got another (F) angel
the (Bb) night you (F) left this world behind (C)
Heaven got a little (F) better
the (Bb) day it (F) took you away from me (C) 
I'm missing (F) you tonight (Bb)  (C)
I'll see you (F) again sometime (Bb)  (C)
For now I'll (F) close my eyes (Bb)  (C)
and dream of (F) heaven tonight (Bb)   (C) (C7)

The (F) beaches aren't as lovely
The (Bb) sky isn't quite as blue
Still, they're (F) sweetened by the memory of (C) you (C7)
The (F) rain is a little bit colder
The (Bb) fire is never quite as warm
Still, it (F) seems that heaven isn't all that (C) far 

I'm (F) spending a little more time now
with the (Bb) things that mean a little bit more
I'm (F) noticing the wonders of this (C) world (C7)
I (F) love with a little more hope now
I (Bb) live with a little more peace
cause I (F) understand how precious life can (C) be
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