Misc Unsigned Bands – Tim Dobbelman - All I Have chords

All I Have
Tim Dobbelman

Bb, F, Gm, Eb

Bb FWhat have I
Gm EbIn this life
Bb FBut the love
Gm EbIn Your eyes?
Bb FThis empty world
Gm EbWill one day fade,
Bb FOnly Your truth
Gm EbWill remain.
Bb FJesus, all I have is You
Gm EbYou're the hope I'm holding to
Bb FI might weep, but still my faith,
Gm EbIt rests in You.
Bb FAnd as the heavens hold the skies,
Gm EbIt's Your hand that holds my life
Bb FAnd Your love will lead me on
Gm EbWhen all else is gone
Verse Chorus Instrumental: Bb, F, Gm, Eb (2x) (Repeat chord progression until end of song)
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