Misc Unsigned Bands - Jon Owens - Fire Burns chords

Same chord progression throughout entire song: E B C#m A

Verse 1
E BDon't wanna go back, Lord
C#m to the way I used to live
Athe way I used to live
E BI won't go back, Lord
C#mto the way I used to be
Abefore you rescued me
E BI will not stop
C#m 'til every tribe and nation
A E bows before You
BI will not stop
C#m'til they all see your glory
Asee your glory
E BYour fire burns within me
C#m Aburn within me with Your fire
Verse 2
E Lift up your eyes to see
B C#mthe glory of the Lord is on the earth
AArise, arise
E Arise, generation
Bno longer forsaken
C#m AArise, arise, arise
(Repeat Chorus)
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