Misc Unsigned Bands - Spinnaker - The Narrative Of Captain Black Of The Left Bank tab

"Narrative of Captain Black of the left bank"
Standard Tuning

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Just a start
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e -0-
B -1-
G -0-
D -2-
A -0-
E -0-

C       Am    E?                C                Am        E?
  Rain came swept me off of the deck, angry sea gives and takes it away, 

C   Am      E?                                  C           Am        E?
 I kept on swimming, singing, searching for an island or a garden to lie in,

C      Am      E?              C        Am      E?      
 rain kept on falling onto my arms and legs and anchored me to slate-gray 

    Am          E?                     C        Am         E?
the albotross? around my neck made it hard, to look up and see the sky

C  Am            E?           C      Am   E?        C   Am    E?
 I dreamt of the sand of your beach, I   control?, wake up, a little settle 
                   C     Am   E?
sore would make it tasty
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