Misc Unsigned Bands – Siempre Fiel - I Promise You Ill Be There For You tab

I promise you I'll be there
Siempre Fiel

Chord diagram Bm A Asus Asus4 G D D*e|-2-------------------3----2-----|B|-3----2----3----3----3----3—-3--|G|-4----2----2----2----0----2--2--|D|-4----2----2--------------------|A|-2--------------2----2----------|E|-2-------------------3----------|
Esta canción fue hecha especialmente para una amiga muy especial, la cual siempre llevo el corazón y la amo con todo lo que un hombre puede amar, esta cancion se la dedico a mi mi princesa preciosa, y mi angelita linda Gaby. Introduction D-Asus-Asus4-G (x2) Verse Bm A When you’re feeling all alone G D A And you can't go on, remember I am here Bm A When you think you've gone too far G D A I'll meet you where you are: my arms are open wide Pre chorus G D I know you wanna run away A Bm But your mind doesn't let you G D You love someone who is far away A Bm And makes your heart suffering for get trough Chorus D Asus I just wanna feel that you’re ok Asus4 Asus A That your life is well and there's nothing that give you pain D Asus I just wanna tell you how much I need Asus4 Asus D How much I want to see you happy smiling to the sky Verse If you think you gonna die And no one is gonna save your life, I will die for you If you feel that you lost all And you start to crashing on, I will fix that wound (Pre chorus) Cuz you have me for the entire life And I never gonna leave you You can be on the darkness place But I’m still gonna be with you Chorus x2 Final Chorus D* Just hold there a little bit Asus I’ll be there if you need me Asus4 No matter where I’m going G No matter if I have to lost all I promise you I’ll be there for you To take you out and show you the truth Cuz you always in my thoughts And I love whit all my heart End with a slowly and soft D* this song is available on the new cd of Siempre Fiel, that came to stores the next on november 2006. please visit our web site to more information of the concerts and on www.myspace.com/siemprefielati
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