Misc Unsigned Bands – The Shadow Effect - Brendon K Loves His Pb And J tab

Ok, this is the first song from my band The Shadow Effect.
Tuning: Standard  (This really works well with distortion)
\ slide up
/ slide down
x Mute Note
PM Palm Mute
h hammer on
p pull off

Guitar 1 (Stasting Verse)e----------------------------|B-------9-9------------------| (This is repeated about 9 times)G-------12-12----------------|D----------------------------|A----------------------------|E----------------------------|
Guitar 2 (This comes in before guitar 1)e-------------------------|B-------------------------|G-------------------------|D-------------------------|A---(pm)-2-2-2------------|E---(pm)-0-0-0------------|
"Brendon K. Loves His..." Guitar 1 and 2 play the same thing.
e-----------|B--------9--|G--------12-|D-----------|A-----------|E-----------| This repeats about 20 or so times
Closing verse
Guitar 2e----------|B------9---| (This plays constant until the end)G------12--|D----------|A----------|E----------|
Guitar 1 (For the mutes, you should be on the first fret)e--------------------------------|B--------------------------------|G--------------------------------| (This plays until the end)D---1/7\1xxxx--------------------|A---1/7\1xxxx--------------------|E---1/7\1xxxx--------------------|
Alrighty, there is the tab, hope y'all enjoy!!!!
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