Mischief Brew – Old Tyme Memry chords

this song has a capo on 3 in standard tuning 
also a solo ill be tabing that shortly

D G Bmwhen father bought the farm we sold the farm
A Gtook his blood as rustic charm
A G sold his gost as an antique
Ato the city........ext
the rest of the song is the same but theres alot of lyrics [chores]
D G Come sit down, we’re lamenting
D G About yesterday’s sad ending
Bm G About the water in me whiskey
Bm G And the brass passed off as gold
A D G Another round, we’re descending
D G In to Old Tyme Mem’ry
Bm G Of a day when wood was wooden
Bm G Silver silver, gold was gold
A G Sweet home was home
onec you get the lyrics its a pritty simpel song
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