Mischief Brew – Old Tyme Memry tab

Mischief Brew – Old Tyme Mem’ry
Intro: D G Bm A G D A x2

D                      G                 Bm
When father bought the farm, we sold the farm  
            A                G
Mistook his blood for rustic charm
         D           A                                                        
Sold his ghost as an antique to the city

D     G                 Bm             A                G 
Kids today can’t hold a spade, rest in peace your weary trade
        D                 A             
In this world there is no place, such a pity
D                     G                 Bm
The barman shakes his head and fills my glass
           A             G
Says we’re living in the past
    D                A
Why preserve a dying craft and it’s misery?
D          G                   Bm
I sigh and say “another modern man,
        A            G
One of property, not land”
          D                 A     
So I hold out this battered hand
Will you listen?

           D           G
Come sit down, we’re lamenting
       Bm             A
About yesterday’s sad ending
          G           D
About the water in me whiskey
And the brass passed off as gold
        D            G
Another round, we’re descending
      Bm       A 
In to Old Tyme Mem’ry
     G                 D
Of a day when wood was wooden
Silver silver, gold was gold
Sweet home was home
G Bm A G D A

*Same chord progression as previous verses is also used for the remaining verses.*

So you’ve got a new stove in your second home
Runs on gas but looks like oak
Hell, it even gives off smoke and glowing embers
There’s a quilt hung on the wall reads ‘Home Sweet Home’
Below some wise word from Thoreau
And they call me ‘throwback’ when I cry “Remember!”


And son these tools are artifacts
Endangered species left its tracks
Lock me up behind plastic glass in the city
‘Cos there’s no going back for me
This antique rustic’s eulogy
Shall be sold as folk artistry
Such a pity...

But I’ll never understand
Why they all only use those hands
To build a stead that will always stand in old time country
But settle for white rooms and hollow doors
Paper ceilings, padded floors
Luxury boxes where you’re stored in what was country.

(Chorus Twice)
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