Missy Higgins – Stuff And Nonsense tab

This song sounds nice strummed out or if you pick out the notes individually, and there 
a lot of room for improvisation that way. I figured this out by ear and i think it 
better than some of the other versions.

D A G Em
Disobey my own decisions
I deserve all your suspicions
First it's yes and then it's no
I dilly dally down to duo

Am Em G Em
But I have No secrets that I babble in my sleep
G Em A
I won't make promises to you, that I can't keep

And You know that I love you
Here and now not forever
I can give you the present
I don't know about the future, that's all

Em G A
Stuff and Nonsense

Verse 2
I once lived for the future
Every day was one day closer
Greener on the other side, Yeah
I believef before I met you
But I soon learned
You love burned brighter than the stars in my eyes
Now I know how and when, I know where and why

Chorus 2X
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