Missy Higgins – River chords

Missy Higgins – The River

Verse 1

Dmaj7She ran until face was numb with cold
Gmaj7And wore a cotton gown that blazed the night untold
Dmaj7She ran until her feet refused to hold
Gmaj7So heavy a heart for someone merely ten years old
Pre chorus:
Dmaj7And when she reached the river
Dmaj7Her knees began to shiver
Gmaj7Her head with pounding voices from home
Dmaj7Behind her was a vision,
Dmaj7A painful apparition
Gmaj7Of a darker world that no one should know
Chorus: (Em7, F#m7)
Bm7 Gmaj7 Em7 Bm7 Somebody's bed will never be warm again the river will keep this friend
(Em7, F#m7)
Bm7 Gmaj7 Em7 Dmaj7Yeah somebody's bed will never be warm again no never again
Verse 2: She dived beneath the water's icy skin, Hoping the cold would kill the smell of angry gin, And her eyes grew wider than they'd ever been Just wishing the numbness to cut deeper with its pins. And as her body lay there she decided to stay there Till darkness came to pull her away. And beautifully she sank as up river was the bank Where some bodiless troubles would stay.
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