Mitchell Joni – Morning Morgantown tab


Em6/B Bsus4 B11 Em6/B

       E7                Em6           Esus2/C              Eno3
When morning comes to Morgantown, the merchants roll their awnings down
       Ano3                 E7                       Esus2/C Eno3 Esus2/C Eno3
The milktrucks make their morning rounds in morning, Morgantown
       E7             Em6              Esus2/C            Eno3
We'll rise up early, with the sun, to ride the bus while everyone
     Ano3           E7                       Esus2/C Eno3 Esus2/C Eno3
Is yawning and the day is young in morning, Morgantown

Bno3     Ano3 Eno3            Bno3     Ano3   Eno3
Morning Morgantown, buy your dreams a dollar down
Cno3         Ano3     Eno3 E7        Esus2/C  Eno3 Esus2/C Eno3
Morning any town you name, morning's just the same

We'll find a table in the shade and sip our tea and lemonade
And watch the morning on parade in morning, Morgantown
Ladies in their rainbow fashions, colored stop and go lights flashing
We'll wink at total strangers passing in morning, Morgantown

I'd like to buy you everything, a wooden bird with painted wings
A window full of colored rings in morning, Morgantown
But the only thing I have to give, to make you smile, to win you with
Are all the mornings still to live in morning, Morgantown

       E7     Em6    Esus2/C Eno3 Esus2/C Eno3
Oooh morning's just the same

Em6/B Bsus4 B11 Eno3(2)
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