Mofro - Orange Blossoms tab

It's not the whole thing. Just the first minute or so. It sounds about right 
though. All I don't have is the chorus.

Riff 0:08 - 0:39e|-------------------------|B|------7--------7--------7|G|---------------7--------7| X 8D|--5h7----------7--------7|A|-------------7-------5---|E|-------------------------|
Verse 1 0:40 - 0:54e|---------------------------------------|B|--7-7-------7------7-------------------|G|--7-7-------7------7-------------------| X 4D|--7-7-------7------7-------------------|A|--5-5-----7-----5----------------------|E|---------------------------------------|
Chorus Lead-In 0:54 - 1:02- Play this whole thing twice.e|--| |--|B|-7| |-5|G|-7|X4 |-5|X4D|-7| |-5|A|-5| |-3|E|--| |--|
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